What the pros say

What The Pros Say ...

Better Boards are a must for a back country freerider. They allow you to have great traction and control on your sled; no slipping on ice build up or snow. I can go into a gnarly tree line and not have to worry about my feet slipping off my running boards. Not only do they keep snow out they are also real strong and add support to the sleds running board. A must have.

Shane Kelley

(Team Summit Films)

(Alpine Assassins)

We exclusively use Better Boards on all of our sled's at Burandt's Back Country Adventures. All season long our customers have raved about these running boards. This product absolutely rocks

Chris Burandt

(Burandt's Back Country Adventures)

With these boards you don't have to battle constant snow build up packing the running boards after every turn. To have maximum control and balance, rider foot traction, and position is very critical...Better Boards allows the rider to freely move up and down the running boards without slipping around and losing your foundation. Your feet stay where you need them to be for balance and control. If your feet stay planted and don't slip around you can maintain proper body position to control your sled in all aspects of deep snow off camber riding situations. These boards are an excellent performance tool and a huge benefit to every level of rider.

Dan Adams

(Original Slednecks)

(Polaris Factory Rider)

I have had Better Boards on my last two IQ chassis sleds, once you have them it's hard to imagine how you even rode your sled with out them; they really make that big of a difference. Having the ability to not worry about ice build and losing your footing, gives you the confidence you need to take your riding to the next level. I will never have another sled without Better Boards installed before the first ride. They really are the BETTER Boards.

Jeremy Kinzer

(208 Films)

From playing in the powder all day long, to climbing the baddest chutes. Better Boards will give you the footing and confidence to conquer.....Better Boards Rock!

Randy Swenson

(Team Thunderstruck)

I have Better Boards on my turbo Apex and they are just so much better then the stock running boards. Even though the coolers are in place the snow would still build up and be a serious problem. Not anymore with these! Awesome product.

Julio Eiguren

(Team Thunderstruck Films)

I've had them on both my turbo NYTRO and now on my turbo Apex and they are just incredible. No more snow and ice build-up to fight. My feet stay planted and help control the sled in tough conditions. Even with the coolers on the Yamaha Apex I still had snow and ice building up under my feet after turning in deep powder. Now with the red coated Better Boards there is nothing but traction. Love my Better Boards.

Julie Marquart

(Team Thunderstruck Films)

It's all about traction and consistent rider position; Better Boards give me a solid foundation to stand on so I can just go ride without slipping around or worrying about snow and ice build-up. Great product and I would not own a sled without these.

Anthony Oberti

(Team Summit Productions)

An absolute MUST have for any deep powder mountain sled.

Geoff "Phatty" Dyer

(Boondocker Films)

What the pros say