Consumers Demand Coated Boards

A majority of the sales of Better Boards for the 2008-2009 snowmobile season were coated boards. The information available to the hard core recreational mountain sled owner from the internet has made the buying public much more informed. The news is out and consumers are demanding the ultimate in performance, appearance, and durability.


  • Superior surface durability
  • Enhanced custom appearance
  • Superior snow and ice removal

Extensive lab grade testing has proven that our proven Specialized multi-step hard-coat process finish for Better Boards aluminum running board inserts increase surface durability and offer advanced performance in battling snow/ice build-up for footwell traction. Our coating process outperforms natural un-treated aluminum as well as most common plastics. The preparation and application process insures added durability in extreme environments. Today most Better Board sales are in coated finishes as the general public is demanding "BETTER" performance and looks from their aftermarket parts. Excellent fit, appearance, and advanced performance is just another reason Better Boards are the #1 selling aluminum aftermarket running board in the industry.